Long Term Success

I know that continued staking seems to be one of the priorities, but as a community, we need to think about how we become sustainable. Staking will slowly deplete our community funds, so we need to find ways to replenish the token. Many of us have followed AMGI’s progress over the past few years. We’ve seen them secure partnerships with amazing companies, but as NFT and karrat holders, the successes outside of the game haven’t directly impacted us. With that said, I think we should attempt to negotiate a deal to buy into the Studio using some of the karrat community funds. Obviously, the studio would first have to entertain the idea, but if a deal could be reached, we could use the fiat profits to automatically purchase karrats and deposit back into the community fund. This is just one idea, and the studio could very well say no, but i challenge the rest of the community to think more about sustainability, and start brainstorming proposals that bring money back into the fund.


As a holder I would love to benefit from some sort of (passive) staking functionality for the next 5-6 months, before the first VC token unlocks start to occur 6 months after TGE.
Can we as a community come up with a freaking awesome proposal for staking?
Hell yeah. My biggest concern now: It will take the WEB3 devs a couple of weeks/months to complete our approved and way more complex proposal.
So, why not start with something which can be implemented fast by a web3 dev and have it replaced by a bullet prove staking system that we as a community come up with?

Would be sad to see, if there are no further rewards for holders in the next 3-5 months, because it takes devs a while to finalize our (more complex and robust) staking system?

Curious to hear your thoughts on this. :slight_smile:


If there is a way that we can link karrat earnings to participation in the ecosystem it would be incredible. This staking process shouldn’t be our only focus, but it seems to be the primary concern for community right now. I like the train of thought @Truelilroo, just be aware that if “buy studio shares” were to go through it’s sort of like were splitting the percent share we own of AMGI studios into 8888 pieces (or more). MPH is considered AMGIs flagship project so it’s possible as people learn about AMGI they’ll associate it to MPH and the game. I like the idea of taking karrats to expand AMGIs capabilities, but not fond of buyback for studio percentage shares. This is how we should all think about proposals. “How will this benefit or sustain our economy for the foreseeable future?”