KIP-1: Educational Comic Series


Hooli Media, a central representative of the “My Pet Hooligan” community, is submitting this proposal to launch an educational comic series that leverages the popular “My Pet Hooligan” brand. This initiative aims to combine entertainment with learning, offering children engaging stories that are both fun and informative.

The project is spearheaded by Daniel, the creator of Hooli Media. With his solid technological foundation and a history of collaboration with esteemed clients such as Porsche Informatics, Daimler AG, Litef Northrop Grumman, and more, Daniel brings a proven ability to manage and grow a business effectively. This experience is integral to navigating the complexities of launching and sustaining the educational comic series. As a father of three young children, Daniel interacts daily with the learning routines of young kids, ensuring the content created is both educational and engaging for young minds. This personal stake underscores the community-driven ethos that Hooli Media embodies.

Project Overview

  • Title: My Pet Hooligan Educational Comic Series
  • Producer: Hooli Media
  • Distribution: Starting in local schools in Brazil, expanding regionally
  • Frequency: Weekly release
  • Target Audience: Children aged 6-12


  1. Educate and Engage: Utilizing characters from the “My Pet Hooligan” universe to teach children about various topics in a narrative format.
  2. Promote Reading and Learning: Foster reading habits and encourage educational curiosity.
  3. Community Involvement: Allocate 7.5% of the revenue from each comic sold to the KARRATco community treasury through the purchase of KARRAT tokens, supporting ongoing community-driven projects…

Funding Request

We are requesting an initial funding of 200,000 $KARRATs to cover the startup phases of content creation, production, printing, and initial marketing, focused on local schools and surrounding areas. This phase serves as the foundation for evaluating the project’s impact and success.

For subsequent expansions across Brazil and potentially into international markets like the U.S., additional funding will be required to establish broader distribution networks in phases 2 and 3. We plan to propose further funding rounds through community voting, based on the outcomes of phase 1 and the effectiveness of the KARRAT token buy-backs.

Revenue Sharing and Repayment Options

We propose a perpetual revenue share approach to returning value to the KARRATco community. Under this model, the KARRATco community treasury will receive a continuous 7.5% of the revenue from each comic sold. This commitment is designed to support the token’s value and contribute to the enrichment of the community treasury, ensuring long-term benefits and steady returns.

To maintain transparency and accuracy, sales will be meticulously recorded in a designated book, which will be regularly reviewed. Furthermore, an official document verifying the number of sales will be provided by the tax office. Additionally, the specifics of this revenue sharing model will be clarified with regulatory parties, a task that remains open and will be addressed to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Distribution Strategy

Phase 1: Regional Rollout in Paraná and São Paulo

  • Phase 1.1: We will initiate a pilot program in a selected local school in Paraná, involving approximately 50 students. This initial phase will serve as a testing ground to refine our approach based on direct feedback and engagement metrics.
  • Phase 1.2: Following the pilot’s success, the program will expand to nearby schools within the region of Paraná, each hosting over 1,000 students. This phase aims to establish a robust presence in key educational districts, enhancing our visibility and impact.
  • Phase 1.3: The final part of the first phase involves a broader regional rollout, extending to additional cities within Paraná and São Paulo as demand increases and production capabilities are scaled up. This step will ensure that our educational content reaches a wider audience, setting the stage for further expansion.

Phase 2: National Expansion in Brazil

  • Upon successful implementation and reception in Paraná and São Paulo, the next phase will see the educational comic series expand nationwide. This phase will leverage established networks and distribution channels to introduce our series across various Brazilian states, adapting content to regional educational needs and cultural nuances where necessary.

Phase 3 and Beyond: International Rollout

  • The third phase of our distribution strategy involves taking the educational comic series to an international audience. Based on the data gathered from national success and the scalable nature of our content, we will target specific countries where our educational themes resonate well with local audiences. Each international rollout will be tailored to meet the educational standards and cultural expectations of the host country, ensuring relevance and engagement.


  • Phase 2 and Phase 3+ are scheduled for future consideration and are not part of this current proposal. Phase 2 will explore the possibility of expanding the distribution nationwide across Brazil, depending on the success and impact of the initial regional rollout. Phase 3+ envisions an international expansion to various countries, adapting the series to global audiences based on the outcomes and insights gained from national operations.

Cost Breakdown and Project Phases

Cost Overview

The project will require resources across various areas, including content creation, marketing personnel, and operational expenses. The production and printing costs will be determined based on the outcomes of the initial pilot and subsequent scale-up efforts.

Content Creation

  • Team: Comprised of writers, artists, and editors specialized in children’s media.
  • Development: Focus on storyboarding and scripting for comics that cover a wide range of educational topics.

Production and Printing

  • Quantity: An initial batch will be produced to match the estimated number of children in the target age group in Brazil.
  • Quality: We will use high-quality, colorful, and child-friendly paper materials.


  • Channels: Distribution will occur through schools, bookstores, and online platforms.
  • Logistics: We will partner with local distributors to ensure a wide and effective distribution.

Marketing and Advertising

  • Campaigns: Our strategy includes digital marketing, school visits, and collaborations with educational institutions.
  • Promotional Materials: We will use posters, sample copies, and educational workshops to promote the comic series.

Sales and Revenue Model

  • Price: Each comic will be priced affordably to ensure accessibility.
  • Revenue Split: We will reinvest 7.5% of the revenue from each comic sold into the KARRATco community treasury through buy-backs of KARRAT tokens.

By consolidating and reframing the detailed costs and phases without specific numerical details, the proposal highlights the necessary resource allocation while maintaining a focus on the broader project strategy and goals.

Expanded Comic Series Topics

These topics represent examples of the engaging and educational content we plan to include in the “My Pet Hooligan” educational comic series. Each story is designed to blend fun with learning, incorporating interactive elements and riddles that challenge young readers to solve problems and engage creatively with the material. It’s important to note that while our comics utilize the characters from “My Pet Hooligan” by AMGI, we do not follow the original lore. Instead, we are developing our own lore within the My Pet Hooligan ecosystem, specifically tailored for educational purposes. This includes the use of simplified designs to better suit our educational objectives and make the content more accessible to young learners.

1. “The Mystery of Cheese Holes”

  • Synopsis: The comic follows a curious rabbit named Hooli as he embarks on a whimsical adventure to discover why some cheeses have holes. The journey takes him to a cheese factory, where he learns about the fermentation process and the role of bacteria in creating these holes.
  • Educational Aspect: Children will learn about food science, specifically dairy processing and the biological processes involved in food production.
  • Interactive Element: A DIY experiment section on making simple cheese at home to observe fermentation.

2. “Shoes from the Savannah: A Tale of African Craftsmanship”

  • Synopsis: This story introduces children to Amina, a young artisan in a small village renowned for its traditional shoe-making. Readers explore various African cultures through the lens of shoe styles and materials used across the continent.
  • Educational Aspect: Focus on cultural diversity, traditional crafts, and sustainable practices in fashion. It highlights how different environments influence material choice and design.
  • Interactive Element: A map activity where children can match shoe designs with their countries of origin.

3. “Understanding Money: Banks, Loans, and Savings”

  • Synopsis: Through a fun fair in the Rabbit Hole, young rabbits learn about basic financial concepts. They earn and spend carrots (as currency) on various games and activities, learning about saving, earning interest, and the concept of borrowing.
  • Educational Aspect: Introduction to fundamental economic principles such as savings, interest, and the function of banks.
  • Interactive Element: Printable “My First Bank Book” template where kids can keep track of their allowances and savings.

4. “The Global Game: Exploring Football”

  • Synopsis: Hooli and friends form a football team and compete in a mini-world cup. The comic covers basic rules, player positions, and the history of football, including its global cultural impact.
  • Educational Aspect: Teaches teamwork and sportsmanship while providing a historical and cultural perspective on the world’s most popular sport.
  • Interactive Element: A quiz about football trivia and a section on how to practice basic football skills safely.

5. “Melodies and Machines: How Guitars Are Made”

  • Synopsis: A musical rabbit named Melody visits a guitar workshop to discover how guitars are crafted. From selecting the wood to stringing and final tuning, each step is illustrated and explained.
  • Educational Aspect: Focuses on the physics of sound and craftsmanship, illustrating how raw materials are transformed into instruments.
  • Interactive Element: Instructions for crafting a simple homemade guitar from recycled materials.

Comic Series Style and Development

The “My Pet Hooligan” educational comic series will adopt a vibrant and approachable art style, enhancing its appeal and accessibility for children. The general design, as shown in the image below, sets the visual tone for the series, focusing on simplicity and clarity that resonates well with young readers.

Following the general design principles, we delve into the artistic process with six draft images, each representing the development for a single comic. These drafts provide a snapshot of our creative workflow, emphasizing the uniformity and attention to detail maintained across multiple panels. This collection of images showcases our commitment to a consistent and engaging visual narrative throughout the series.

This series of images showcases the development process, from the raw sketches that capture the essence of spontaneity and creativity, to the polished comic panels that illustrate the series’ distinctive style. This approach not only ensures the comics are visually appealing but also guarantees they are accessible and enjoyable for our target audience. By using this consistent visual language, we aim to create a familiar and comfortable reading environment that excites and encourages children to return, thereby enhancing their learning experience.

As we delve into various educational topics, the comics will embody this style, maintaining the balance between fun illustrations and informative content. Riddles and interactive elements will be woven into the narratives, inviting readers to actively participate in the story and not just be passive observers. This approach is designed to engage young minds, prompting them to think critically while they follow the adventures of the “My Pet Hooligan” characters.

Impact and Community Benefits

Educational Impact: The “My Pet Hooligan” educational comic series will provide enhanced learning opportunities for children by blending fun, engaging content with interactive learning experiences. Through this series, children will not only absorb valuable knowledge but also develop a love for reading and problem-solving.

Brand Engagement: By introducing the My Pet Hooligan brand through an educational medium, we are nurturing early brand connection. As children grow and interact with these stories, they will form a bond with the characters and the universe, naturally progressing to engage with the My Pet Hooligan game as they become old enough to participate more fully in the brand’s offerings.

Community Engagement: The series will also contribute to increased activity and value within the KARRATco ecosystem. It encourages user involvement and investment in community projects, fostering a sense of ownership and belonging among members. By investing in the education of children, we are also investing in the longevity and vibrancy of our community.

In weaving the My Pet Hooligan brand into the fabric of children’s education, we create a lasting affinity that transcends mere entertainment. This approach not only enriches the individual experiences of young readers but also lays a foundation for a dedicated and engaged user base that will grow alongside the brand.

Due to the finalized state of our submitted proposal, I am adding this comment to provide further clarification on certain aspects that were not fully detailed in the original document. These comments aim to expand on our budget allocation strategies, projected market reach and revenue estimates, and the intellectual property framework under which the “My Pet Hooligan Educational Comic Series” is being developed. Please consider these points as integral extensions of our initial proposal.

  1. Budget Allocation: The proposed budget of 200,000 $KARRAT is primarily allocated towards marketing efforts. Our strategy includes presenting the comic series directly in schools across São Paulo and Paraná. Each school will receive the first comic free of charge, allowing us to gather immediate feedback and better position ourselves for securing subscriptions. This direct engagement with schools represents the largest portion of our initial costs. The production of the comics, while a crucial component, is expected to be less costly and is anticipated to be sustainably funded through the revenue generated from subscriptions in the future.
  2. Projected Market and Revenue: We estimate that the potential market in São Paulo and Paraná includes over 5 million children. This estimate is derived from available demographic data indicating approximately 1.28 million children aged 0-9 in São Paulo municipality alone, with additional 3,026,000 children aged 10-14. Adjusting for a broader age range and including the state of Paraná, our conservative estimate is that we can engage a significant portion of this demographic. If 10% of these children subscribe, with 4 comics sold monthly at $8 USD per subscription, this could generate approximately $4 million per month in revenue. Consequently, 7.5% of this revenue ($300,000 monthly) could be directed towards purchasing 150,000 KARRATs, based on the current exchange rate of $0.50 USD per KARRAT, contributing significantly to community treasury and support.
  3. Intellectual Property and Community Engagement: While the “My Pet Hooligan” characters inspire our comic series, it’s crucial to note that Hooli Media, as a community project, is managing the comic series independently. This setup ensures that while the comics are associated with the popular “My Pet Hooligan” brand, they are distinctly a product of Hooli Media. This connection is reinforced through Hooli Media’s platform, which showcases videos from our community and team, offering additional features such as games and merchandise. This approach not only strengthens the bond with the “My Pet Hooligan” universe but also highlights the educational series as a unique, community-driven initiative.

Very interesting proposal.

I believe that a serious proposal of this nature will benefit the promotion of the MPH IP ecosystem. Under the condition of controlling the budget, I support it.

I live in São Paulo and I believe that the project would work if there were commercial representatives who play a role in visiting schools and offering the comics directly to students, thus promoting events in loco offering playful support for students to talk to their parents and convince them to purchase the material. In Brazil, there are thousands of private schools that can also receive the same approach, with the differential of being able to negotiate directly with teaching institutions…

… In public schools it would be necessary to hold public tenders where it will face political obstacles, with our questionable public management I believe that the previous approach would yield good results. think about the possibility of creating a conventional teaching app along the same lines as your project, since the demand from children who use cell phones is very high in Brazil…