KARRATco Handbook

This is an evolving guide to KARRATco and the KarratCoin Community.

What is KARRATco?

The KARRAT protocol is a decentralized gaming infrastructure layer, supported by $KARRAT and empowered by a truly decentralized community with a shared vision embracing gaming, entertainment and AI products catering for the new era.

The KARRAT protocol is positioned to support the gaming and entertainment industries and transformative AI innovations in these industries. Gaming, real time animation content for the streaming industry and emerging products for retail, telecom, education and wherever imagination takes the community in the future. $KARRAT will animate this ecosystem of games and products and the protocol will make tools available to support these industries and adoption of the KARRAT protocol. The community will determine how these are integrated and progressed.

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Explore KARRATco

To learn more about and participate in KARRATco, here are some tips to get started:

  • Our Gitbook [ NEED LINK ]

  • Our Snapshot

  • Our Tally [ NEED LINK ]